19out 2015

The European Union wants to promote a highly competitive and efficient freight transport to link all the continent’s main logistical platforms. They have been called the Motorways of the Sea, a network of different sea routes that by 2020 will hopefully connect all the main European ports and in turn connect these to the major […]

12out 2015

With a population of over 120 million, Mexico is the second most populated country in Latin America. Therefore, public and private transportation is critical for moving inside the city and for connecting metropolitan areas. Freelancers manage more than 80% of urban mobility of the country; resulting in a low percentage of trips being managed by […]

05out 2015

The well-known Silk Road that featured the legendary travels of Marco Polo returns to the present. It has become one of the key economical points in China’s new and ambitious plan. In this way, the Asian giant plans to use this New Silk Road as a means to connect China with Europe. This would mean […]

14set 2015
El ministro de Transporte de la India, Nitin Jairam Gadkari, y el Director General de UPSRTC, Shri. K Ravinder Nai, Visitando el Stand de Goal Systems

This Asian country, which is the second most populous in the world, presents itself as one of the greatest powers of the XXI century. However, it will have to restructure its own transport system to achieve a leadership position against some the worlds greatest powers of which have innovative public systems with notable quality and […]

02set 2015

The term “concentration” refers inevitably to volume, to urban agglomerations, and, when referring to urban agglomerations, as a metropolis. Currently, Brazil has approximately 15 metropolis areas with a population of more than one million; São Paulo alone has a population of 21 million and Rio de Janeiro more than 11 million. We at Goal Systems […]

24ago 2015

Transmilenio, the entity regulating the bus services in Bogota, is an example of innovation and efficient management of public resources for the public urban transportation on a city with over 10 million inhabitants. This entity has been using since the beginning (now implementing the third extension phase) a GoalBus® version specific for regulating authorities which […]

03ago 2015
El mercado de tecnología para el transporte público en Norte América (Canadá y U.S.A) alcanza 2250 Millones de $ al año.

Taking part of a highly competitive market with a vast culture and knowledge on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), such as the American, is always an exciting challenge. The American market for ITS tools reflects the importance of public transportation and its specific conditions. In such a big country, where not having a car is unthinkable, the […]

20jul 2015

To be able to understand the context of the evolution of transportation in Latin America, it is necessary to understand the current situation of the continent. Latin America has had a great population growth in the last decades, associated to an intense and uncontrolled urbanization process. Between 1995 and 2009, the total population has passed […]

20jul 2015

If we had to emphasize a single characteristic of Goal Systems team would be, undoubtedly, its passion for technology and its constant innovation, this is the spirit that drives this new project, we hope it will contributes to spread the advances and the trends that are transforming the transport sector in every market. Our team […]

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