28dez 2015

Technology needs a constant commitment to research. The development of different solutions in all fields of technology is essential, especially if a company wants to be a leader in the sector and a pioneer in advancing and applying new knowledge and functionality to their tools. Goal Systems has always understood this premise. As a result […]

21dez 2015

The railway industry is an ever changing sector which needs constant updating and new legislations to function adequately and generate a more effective and active market. Therefore, the European Union strives to liberalize de sector and increase its competitiveness and efficiency. In this manner, there are many countries which have already evolved toward liberalization. Finland […]

14dez 2015

Transportation systems use many types of standards to evaluate different aspects of their structure, coordination, and efficiency. One of the most recent and most popular standards is Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for bus transportation. This is an evaluation system for BRT corridors based upon the best international practices. What is BRT exactly? The BRT Standard […]

09dez 2015

Global Metro Monitor 2014, a study released by the US research center, Brookings Institution, places four Turkish cities on the list of the world’s top ten cities in terms of economic growth, most of which are cities in the Asia-Pacific region. This increase, measured in terms of annual GDP and employment growth, positions Turkey’s four […]

30nov 2015

The need to equip transport systems with sustainability, together with continuous advances and developments in planning systems in this sector, has transformed the manner of approaching clients to make planning solutions simpler, more intuitive, and more effective. To this end, Goal Systems has made a major commitment to training, with client support as its chief […]

23nov 2015

Road transportation in Spain is on the right track, at least activity wise. During the second quarter of 2015 there has been a 4% increase in road transportation. In addition to this, by September of this year, when the new minimal annual fee for petrol was implemented, the number of businesses dedicated to this sort […]

09nov 2015

Today, public urban transportation in the great metropolitan areas of the world have something in common: the need to provide users with different ways of moving. Since users need to move from one place to another in a fast, comfortable manner, many cities have opted for improving their public transportation systems in order to provide […]

26out 2015

Since the dawn of time, one of humanity’s challenges has been to find the most appropriate way to get from point A to B. Every country has come up with its own solution. The most common means of transports are the train or the bus. However, along the length and breadth of the planet we […]

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