El equipo de planificación de RATP DEV Casablanca ha estado publicando con éxito preparándose para el Go-live, calculado con las herramientas de Goal Systems.

The RATP DEV Casablanca planning team has been successfully launching solutions, preparing for the Go-live, calculated with Goal Systems software

MARCH, 2019. Casablanca.

A consultancy to prepare the technical staff in charge of the planning and the implementation of real improvements to provide a better service to the passengers.

Within the framework of an expansion project for the client RATP DEV Casablanca in Morocco, by using GoalRail®metro, the line T2 of the tram has entered in production. Achieving this milestone, two lines are totally in production in this important city (T2 is added to the existing T1).
In January 2016, activities of execution on line T2 started with the acquiescence of the king Mohammed VI to provide the economic capital with a modern infrastructure and to meet the needs of its residents. The new line T2 is 22.5 kilometers long and crosses 9 neighborhoods, it covers more than one million of residents. This new line has 33 stops and 3 correspondence stops with line T1.

This new line T2 has started its production with 17 stretches  of 64 meters long, in order to firstly reach 21 units and then 25 units, respectively. The exploitation of the line is progressively being made from a 9 minutes frequency to 6 minutes at rush hour.
The investment for this project amounts to 4.3 billion  Dirhams (395 million euros approx.). A maintenance center has been created, occupying 40 hectares, to tackle the infrastructure aspects (tracks, platforms, shelters, catenaries and light signals) and civil work adaptations.
It should be emphasized that the client is satisfied because it makes work easier and adds an extra productivity supply.
This project has additional stages for the future, including bus fleets, consolidating our presence in Morocco as a reliable reference in planning systems for the region.

Micaela Gomez