GoalBus® llevará a cabo la consultoría de una flota de 6.500 buses que operan en toda la ciudad de Santiago de Chile.

GoalBus® is going to perform the consultancy of a 6,500 buses fleet operating in the whole Santiago de Chile city.

MAY, 2019. Chile.

Goal Systems is awarded the new consultancy with an impressive score.

Transantiago is the urban public transport system operating in the metropolitan area of Santiago. Its systems has a 6,500 buses fleet operating in the whole Santiago city.
Since 2010, the most important operators of Transantiago have been using the GoalBus® system for the planning of their material and human resources.
Goal Systems has just been granted with the new consultancy for dimensioning and optimization for the Transantiago transport system in Chile.
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) awards the contract by public tender. Our proposal had a score of 937 out of 1,000, the highest rating.
During the work, some simulations on electric and standard bus operation that will be tendered this year on the part of Transantiago (DTPM) are going to be performed.
In order to make improvement decisions for the transport operation in the city. This work will be carried out with the participation of the Chile office and a local partner.


Micaela Gomez