Planificará la solicitud de licencia y petición de vacaciones para un total de 6.000 trabajadores a través de aplicación web

Absence, leave and vacation requests will be planned for a total of 6,000 workers through our web application.

 APRIL, 2019. Belgium.

The Belgian company SNCB embraces web applications and staff planning.

Within the framework of the GoalRail® implementation project, the absence, leave and vacation request application, that works on any mobile device (business tablets or smartphones), has been fully deployed in production. It is a very important milestone in this multi-annual project with our company.

The leave request module is integrated in the APS (Advanced Planning System) project whose objective is to optimise rolling stock, maintenance, crew and station personnel.
The leave request module is the first stage deployed for the project. It works in any mobile device and it plans for more than 3,000 drivers and 3,000 train inspectors (guards) that will use our web application to ask for vacation. Thanks to the “Leave Request” module, locally or manually developed requests are left behind and the electronic management of approval is centralized in planners. It has been a smooth transition up to 6,000 employees.
A successful implementation that positions us as leaders in web application development.

Micaela Gomez