La flota está formada por un total de 1.500 vehículos: 474 en la Comunidad de Madrid y 984 en Marruecos

The fleet consists of a total of 1,500 vehicles: 474 in the Community of Madrid and 984 in Morocco.

FEBRUARY, 2019. Spain.

We will carry out the planning of its entire fleet in Madrid and Morocco.

The Group Alsa, leader operator in the Spanish transport sector dedicated to the passengers’ transport by road, is part of the National Express group: international public transport operator present all over the world. .
In December 2018, a master agreement was signed for the implementation and deployment of Goal Systems products in order to plan their operation in the different transport businesses they manage.
At the moment, we are working in the deployment of the nine exploitations that Alsa has in the Community of Madrid and in the five most important cities of Morocco. The fleet is composed of a total of 1,500 vehicles: 474 in the Community of Madrid and 984 in Morocco, in addition to the respective drivers.
The transport operation to be planned is urban and interurban within the city, distributed in the Community of Madrid: North, South, West, Torrejón and Arganda; and in Morocco: Rabat, Tanger, Agadir, Marrakech and Khouribga.
Thanks to GoalBus® an excellent planning is being achieved, which improve the operation of the transport system and provide optimal savings.

Micaela Gomez