At Goal Systems, our commitment to our clients does not end after buying our products and services, it continues until the client is able to make the most of our systems. Therefore, we offer courses and training for transport and logistics companies operating with Goal Systems.

Our spirit and client orientation lead us to support our clients throughout all the solution generation phases. We are proud to be able to offer a complete training, not only in the use of our tools, but also in the understanding of the generated model and of the mechanisms to obtain the complete solution.

This allows the clients a greater autonomy and therefore increases their flexibility, which results in a quicker response to the daily operating problems. Obtaining an optimized management of the service of transport networks requires quick answers that adapt to the demands of the new scenarios, without losing the level of optimization, sustainability and profitability.

We offer training adapted to the needs of our clients, with subjects scheduled according to the profiles required or the number of participants.

At Goal Systems, we have training classrooms with the best and most modern audiovisual means and a perfect simulation of the environment and the systems the client works with. We also offer this service remotely, for we have teleconference and remote control means, allowing to offer training with all the guarantees, very similar to the in-person training. All this, with the experience of professionals with a great knowledge of the clients’ needs and the usual problems in the transport network management.


We carry out in-house and remote training, monitoring the progress of knowledge acquisition.