Support and Maintenance

Maintenance and support


At Goal Systems, the customer service means a permanent support to the client and it also represents one of the main added values of our solutions. For this reason, we offer a variety of maintenance modalities that can always be adapted to the specific needs of each company. Our clients benefit also from the continuous evolution of our products during the after-sales phase of the projects.

 We offer two different maintenance types:

Evolution maintenance

This type of maintenance offers an extensive support to our clients in the resolution of its demands and in corrective and preemptive actions over any kind of flaws that may occur in the system.

Goal Systems is one of the few companies to include an annual software update, incorporating enhancements of functionalities and algorithms obtained from the evolution of its know-how, through its own activity and through the experience provided by the clients.

Besides, our company guarantees the compatibility of our applications, without any additional cost, with the new versions of the operating system and the database manager.

Adaptative maintenance

The adaptative maintenance covers all services not included initially in the evolution maintenance. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and service of experts in optimization, also experts in the business of our clients, to support them in any emerging needs, such as the extensions and the enhancements of functionalities suggested by the client. It also includes worktime to adapt to external systems, or the development of services like consulting, among others, always at the service of the needs of our clients.

The proof our service excellence are some of our most important references in the maintenance, like TRANSMILENIO, AIR EUROPA, METROLINK or MOWASALAT. All of them are demanding clients, with complex planning processes, critical for their daily operations, whose loyalty Goal Systems has obtained thanks to the effectiveness of our tools and our response capability on the maintenance and support service provided.


GOAL SYSTEMS considers long-term customer support to be one of the most valuable features of its complete solutions. Various maintenance modalities are offered, always adaptable to the specific needs of each company. Also, customers will benefit from the continual updating of our products during the post-sales phase.