Intelligent solution for optimised personnel and material planning for metro and tram transport, as well as for use and manoeuvring in stations and depots. It improves the quality and efficiency of processes and reduces operating costs.

A dynamic and efficient optimisation solution for urban transport operators

We offer a solution adapted to the needs of transport operators, capable also of performing simulations in planning for Metro, in any scenario and variation in the transport network.

A quality Metro


We make your day-to-day life easier by improving the use of your material resources, infrastructure, and train manoeuvres.

End-to-end monitoring


We provide you with greater control and knowledge of the daily operations of your resources.

We take care of your staff


We help you to improve the levels of satisfaction of different groups of workers, improving the reconciliation of their work and rest times, and considering their needs and preferences.

A more planned work


You can simulate your operations to schedule your metro timetables and services in a more optimised and efficient way.

More savings and lower structural costs


We help you to optimise the dimensioning of your trains and other resources, optimise safe operation and shunting and make the best use of your infrastructures.


Planning technology for a more optimised metro system

Optimal management of metro services and drivers.

Rolling stock planning: maintenance and fleet sizing.

Optimisation of the planning of all tasks associated with rolling stock and drivers.

Optimal allocation of rolling stock, drivers and other personnel.

Possible communication with management systems, passenger information systems, and any other system.

Simulation of multiple scenarios for your Metro service.


Creation of reports, indicators, and metrics to improve your service.

Asignaci├│n conductores

Optimal allocation of material, drivers, inspectors, and other personnel.

Incident management.

Portal empleado

Employee portal.

Integration with payroll systems possible.

On Premise Solutions.


Get the most out of comprehensive maintenance service

We support you in all phases of the project, from requirements gathering, implementation or consultancy and optimisation, to support after production start-up. We want to be your long-term partner.

Our comprehensive support and advice service includes:

Personalised attention from our experts

Multi language support

Methodologies based on ITIL recommendations

Efficient response to planning, optimisation and troubleshooting

Delivery of new versions and training