While optimizing the entire transportation system is essential for  business, the efficient management of workers is a key factor towards success. Adequate arrangement of human resources plays a big role in client satisfaction and business productivity. This is especially true for businesses which have timetable divides and special conditions, such as the transportation sector. There is little doubt in the assertion that there is a total connection between performance quality and a business’ earning power, if the staff is as good as the optimisation systems the company uses.  The question now is if your company has optimized its human resources?


One of the greatest problems a transport company faces is timetable and resource management. A poor distribution of timetables could lead to a poor administration of workflow which would in turn mean a loss of service quality and staff commitment.

Therefore, to achieve an efficient arrangement of timetables, it is important to competently assign tasks to available staff while minimizing costs and maximizing worker satisfaction. If the system doesn’t achieve the optimal solutions for its problems, the business is faced with deficient planning, which can lead to several issues both internally and externally.

As a consequence, it is necessary to say that optimal planning is one that strives to attain business objectives. An efficient management should minimize the need for extra hours as it distributes timetables evenly and will in turn reduce the costs of having to pay these extra hours. It will also enable assigning the optimal resources for each task, reducing extra work for qualified employees.

It is industry best practice to optimize staff productivity as it distributes human resources evenly with the goal to provide more services within the same resources.

In this manner, the businesses which choose to optimize their planning will see an annual increase of revenue, labour cost reductions and data accuracy. Ultimately, it achieves an improvement at all levels and resource adaptation to the strategic decisions of the company.

Additionally, distributing and applying timetables in an orderly fashion is not a simple task. In this way, we recommend the use of optimization software for human resources management such as GoalStaff®. This system allows optimizing the relationship between offer and demand as a means to offer better service quality at the best prices.

Micaela Gomez

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