In rural areas and scarcely populated areas, taking public transport to get to school is a long and tedious trek for many children.

Everybody has heard stories about students from certain schools who take more than an hour and a half to get to school due to the lack of transport lines, itineraries that are too long or the elimination of services that are no longer profitable.

There are some extreme cases in Spain such as Orihuela where more than a hundred children had to travel by foot for nearly an hour and half to get to school as there were no transport lines that travelled through their estates.

These situations are a real problem for students as they do not get enough rest, loose sleeping hours and develop many other disorders. Nevertheless, these problems have a common explanation: the school transport system is usually badly organized; routes are poorly planned and are not properly integrated and systematized.
This inefficiency becomes a vicious cycle: public transportation does not fulfill people’s needs, so they decide not to use it and therefore the service becomes less efficient and profitable as it is not being used, routes are cancelled and the situation becomes totally unsustainable. This is a problem which affects our children’s education, so how can it be solved?

A correct optimization of school transport routes is both a solution and a precautionary measure in relation to this problem. The more complex the terrain is and the larger the number of areas and stops a transport route must travel through, the better integrated and more efficient the system must be.

GoalSytems is a multinational company leader in the development and implementation of software solutions designed to optimize timetables, material and human resources’ shifts. The company strives to provide its clients with the latest technological developments it works with, guaranteeing the utmost service quality at the lowest cost.

The company’s best solution for these problems is without a doubt GoalBus®LD and its Network Management for long distance bus itineraries. This service allows an actual planning strategy based on the machine’s characteristics – age, weather-, its drivers – timetable, place of residence – and the routes it should cover – itinerary, length, road traffic density-, as well as updating travel times based on the time zone.

This planning design is much more efficient and allows for a swifter management of daily issues. Therefore, it is possible to carry out simulations and automate report generation and KPIs, amongst other services.

GoalBus®LD and its Network Management is a very complete and automated tool which plans timetables, routes, coach and driver shifts to arrange transport lines. The level of integration, control and usability of the software guarantees great flexibility to change daily planning.

GoalSystems’ cutting-edge technology is used by some of the best transportation companies in the world who have confided in the company since 1992. These experiences provide guarantee of the effective performance, excellent features and solidity the company offers. We are sure that the use of this software and its advanced solutions for school transportation will result in a more efficient and sustainable service.

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