Public Tender

Public Tenders


Goal Systems specializes in generating and responding to tenders regarding optimal planning of resources. Our knowledge of the business, of the available tools and its capacities, allow us to create complete studies of the necessary specifications that these kind of systems should have.

From the bidder point of view, we are also capable of generating the most suitable answer to this kind of specifications. Among our services, we offer assistance in public tenders to entities, institutions and private companies.

On one hand, we assist the administration and transport authorities to size and specify the necessary system requirements to comply with the expected objectives. On the other hand, we are able to assist entities and private companies looking to present an optimized, profitable and sustainable offer, guaranteeing the compliance with the specifications and conditions

Our departments work in a customized way with the clients in order to give the most optimum answer to each of them, without losing the accuracy. The experience of the Goal Systems professionals is, without a doubt, the best help in public tenders for any transport company of the sector.

Each transport network has different resources and needs, but, even if they were identical, Goal Systems products would offer different plannings, considering public tenders specifications, it would not be the same to work in Europe, in America, in China or in Northern Africa.


We are able to approach the business from a variety of perspectives: a highly specialized team is devoted to tender-related services, such as technical terms of reference generation or technical bid generation.