Partners and Associations


Transport associations

Goal Systems’ relationship with companies of the transport sector has always been essential, mostly with those on the logistics industry, the expansion and growth of the emerging countries, and the environmental sustainability.

Therefore, Goal Systems is part of and/or collaborates with associations such as UITP, SIBRT, ALAMYS, APTA, AMEC, ATUC and ITS –Shenzen.



Throughout Goal Systems  long history, many important agreements and collaborations with different companies of the sector have taken place. Including some Goal Systems ’ clients, satisfied with our systems, have become great commercial allies in new markets.

Companies like Indra, LG CNS, Etra, Iberia Sistemas, Mectronics, Squills, Trimax, Niit, Hisense, Ayers Electronics or SICE are current Goal Systems partners.


Our interest in the continuous pursuit of new R&D techniques and new development ways has kept us linked to the main universities. For this reason, Goal Systems  has signed different collaboration agreements with universities such as Carlos III, UAM, ICAI, UPM, UCM, UEM, Universidad de in two fundamental domains: employment opportunities and scholarships for students, and academic research for new algorithms.


Research, development and innovation collaborations

Throughout the extensive history of Goal Systems , the company has been awarded many prizes and many contributions to its activities within the research, development and innovation fields.

For all this work, Goal Systems has achieved the best performance and optimization results internationally, of the software solutions obtained through our algorithms search.

Goal Systems ’ many prizes and recognitions, have been granted by entities such as PROFIT, CDTI and IBEROEKA, which certify its work in the research, development and innovation fields.


Throughout its trajectory, GOAL SYSTEMS has consolidated a series of both commercial and technological agreements with different associations and companies. These agreements, of which we are proud, have consolidated us as the European leader in Optimisation Solutions and have contributed to our company’s growth. GOAL SYSTEMS’ policy has enabled us to constantly enrich these relations in the different fields with which we are associated.