Reducción de kilómetros en vacío, minimizar los riesgos operacionales, maximizar el uso de flota en horas de mayor demanda y realizar estudios topológicos para mejorar el diseño de rutas

Reducing empty-trip kilometers, minimizing the operational risks, maximizing the use of the fleet in peak demand hours and performing topological studies in order to improve the routes design.

APRIL, 2017. Colombia.

Advice for training the technical personnel in charge of the planning and implementation of real improvements, providing a better service for the passengers.

Transmilenio has been using our tool GoalBus® to plan their 12,000 buses since 1999. Last summer, we started a technical advice process with Transmilenio, to train and improve the planning processes for trunk and local routes. The results are quite remarkable and, in a short period of time, striking improvements in the operation have occurred as a result of this extraordinary collaboration.
Besides, this advice represents the beginning of a continuous evolution promoting the realization of more efficient planning, constantly adapting itself to the necessities and changing particularities of the system.

Therefore, and due to the collaboration between the regulatory agency and Goal Systems technical team, a series of optimization strategies have been implemented in the planning of the system, pursuing constant progress in the offered service and the operational control.
These implemented strategies, which are a result from the analysis of opportunities and the improvement of the flows and planning processes, as well as from the deep study of the main operational problems have had a very positive effect on the offered service quality. The most outstanding results are the increased efficiency of the fleet, the maximization of the offered service in routes and critical timings, and the reduction of the operational complexity, with a direct effect on the core of the system: the user.


Micaela Gomez