26Mar 2008

MARCH 2008 — Mexico City (MEXICO) On Wednesday 6 February ErpcoGoal® came into production at the ADO Group. This project involved modifications to the current GOAL SYSTEMS products to adapt them to the Mexican reality and the ADO Group specifically. This group handles 4,100 buses, is a benchmark in Mexico with regard to service quality […]

26Feb 2008

FEBRUARY 2008 — Santiago de Chile (CHILE) Inversiones ALSACIA and EXPRESS of Santiago de Chile, are the two main operators in the TRANSANTIAGO plan to modernise public transport in Santiago, set up by the government in October 2005, the purpose of which is to offer efficient, safe and modern transportation for more than 4.5 million users […]

26Jan 2008

JANUARY 2008 — Paris (FRANCE) GOAL SYSTEMS joins the UCCIFE (Union of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad). The UCCIFE pools together and provides support to the performance of 114 commerce offices in 78 countries. It is the private network of French companies worldwide. GOAL SYSTEMS is therefore supporting the global extension of this companies […]

26Oct 2007

OCTOBER 2007 — Cancun (MEXICO) Through Francisco Bosch, GOAL SYSTEMS has contributed to the success of the “National Seminar on Operation, Administration, Management and Financing of Urban Transportation Companies, within the framework of the National Urban Transport Programme – SEDESOL- World Bank” held in Cancun on 13-14 September 2007. The conference “Experiences in the integrated […]

26Aug 2007

AUGUST 2007 — Istambul (TURKEY) For the purpose of maintaining the level of research and knowledge of optimisation algorithms ever up-to-date, GOALSYSTEMS has decided to extend the activities targeted at research into optimisation algorithms, outside of the projects targeted at clients, by taking part at research and academic forums. The chosen Congress is called “MAPSP” (Methods […]

26Jun 2007

JUNE 2007 — Madrid (SPAIN) Having won the international tender for resource planning and optimisation of RENFE, once again demonstrating its leadership in the European railway sector, on May 10 GOAL SYSTEMS kicked off the optimisation of train deck spaces project at RENFE Mercancías. This project falls within the integral plan from modernising the entire information systems […]