26Aug 2008

AUGUST 2008 — Madrid (SPAIN) RENFE Mercancias implemented the algorithm developed by GOAL SYSTEMS for optimizing spaces on the train decks. Barely a year after Renfe Mercancias awarded the project’s plan to modernize all information systems, the company proceeded to the implementation of the algorithm developed by GOAL SYSTEMS for optimizing spaces on the train […]

26Aug 2008

AUGUST 2008 — Madrid (SPAIN) GOAL SYSTEMS will conduct demonstrations of their products on Wednesday, November 12 invited by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV). GOALSYSTEMS will go to the 2008 edition of the International Rail Forum by the hands of FGV. Together they conducted demonstrations of solutions for optimal planning and efficient management of […]

26Jun 2008

JUNE 2008 — Barcelona (SPAIN) The object of the ALGORITHM is to maximise the spaces offered on Multiclient Intermodal Transport, through the optimum location of containers on the train decks, intervening in the entire process from the booking made by the client through to load distribution on the train at the terminal. At RENFE Mercancías […]

26May 2008

MAY 2008 — Madrid (SPAIN) GOAL SYSTEMS was appointed by RENFE OPERADORA as the successful bidder of the project for the Design, Development, Implantation and Integral Maintenance of a computer tool for Optimisation of Productive Resources of the General Department of High Speed/Longer distance Services. GOAL SYSTEMS was selected in a decision-taking procedure at an […]

26Apr 2008

APRIL 2008 — Madrid (SPAIN) The aim of this version was to adapt the GoalPlane® product to  the new European Subpart-Q regulations for pilots and crew. These regulations come into force in July 2008. With this version, Air Europa can start to simulate the modifications that the new regulations involve and to carry out estimates […]

26Mar 2008

MARCH 2008 — Mexico City (MEXICO) On Wednesday 6 February ErpcoGoal® came into production at the ADO Group. This project involved modifications to the current GOAL SYSTEMS products to adapt them to the Mexican reality and the ADO Group specifically. This group handles 4,100 buses, is a benchmark in Mexico with regard to service quality […]