Esta funcionalidad DOMweb servirá a los 800 conductores del RER y los 3.200 de metro.

This functionality from DOMWeb will serve 800 RER drivers and 3,200 Metro drivers

MAY, 2019. Paris.

RATP trusts Goal Systems’ shifts swapping with DOMweb.

Goal Systems gains a new project for RATP (Metro and RER) in Paris. The DOMweb shift permutation module (SWAP). This DOMweb functionality will serve the 800 RER drivers and the 3,200 metro drivers who, today, manually perform this replanning process.
The RER, current client with GoalRail®metro in production, has partnered with metro, in order to synchronize these efforts.
Thanks to a collective effort in close collaboration with the client, we have managed to achieve this project, which extends the modules in production since 2016, dedicated to scheduling timetables, rolling stock and driver shifts.
The challenge for 2019 is to put our DOMweb tool into production, configured to fully satisfy the legal requirements as well as the daily needs of all drivers and their managers.
This success will allow us to expand new commercial perspectives for the France area and strengthen our stance in the RATP group.

Micaela Gomez