El grupo apuesta por modernizar la tecnología de planificación, operación y gestión de flota

The group is committed to upgrading fleet planning, operation and management technology.

MARCH, 2019, Brazil.

URBS—Urbanizaçao de Curitiba S.A. has signed a contract with Goal Systems to plan its 1,400 buses fleet.

The company URBS Curitiba is responsible for the strategic planning, operation and monitoring actions of the public transport service, together with the urban equipment management and administration for their commercial use in Curitiba.
After a complex tender process, we have obtained the formal approval of the compliance test. After the technical evaluations carried out by the programming team, this process certifies that our tool complies with the specific and necessary requirements for the tender and, therefore, it officially certifies us as provider of the public authority of Curitiba, initiating the implementation process.
Thus, GoalBus® is the tool responsible for planning and optimizing around 1,400 vehicles of the Paraná’s state capital, in the South region of Brazil.
Despite strengthening our presence in the Brazilian country, this project is a worldwide reference since Curitiba is a pioneer city in the transport sector and urban mobility.
URBS created the first world’s BRT system in 1973. It is an inspiration for other similar systems in 80 countries of the world. Some important examples are the following: Transmilenio (Colombia), Transantiago (Chile), MetroBus (Mexico), MetroBus (Ecuador), Metropolitano (Peru), Transmetro (Guatemala) and Orange Line in Los Angeles. This ever-expanding system is currently being used by 85% of the people in the city, which is an using and efficiency record percentage.


Micaela Gomez