Se llevará a cabo la programación de un total de 47 trenes y a los conductores que realizan la operativa del servicio de los mismos

In total, 47 trains and the drivers who will operate them will be planned

FEBRUARY, 2018. Panama.

Panama Transportation services show their commitment to progress in terms of planning, as shown through the signature of the contract with Goal Systems, in charge of programming the whole metro system of the city.

Panama Metro is a 40-year project including 8 lines throughout the whole Panama city. From these 8 lines, one is operating, another one is under construction, another one is planned, and the others are being designed.
The contract with Goal Systems will cover lines 1 and 2. For line 1, already operating, the integration will be done from the beginning, whereas for line 2, simulations will be done in order to know, among other goals, the sizing of drivers and human resources that will be planned.
The tools that will be used for the optimization and planning of the operation are GoalRail®metro and GoalDriver®. Panama Metro is a great reference, since it is the first and only metro system in Central America, signifying the progress of the country in the region.
In total, 47 trains and the drivers who will operate them will be planned. In the estimated initial demand succeeded beyond expectations, forcing Panama Metro to increase the number of convoys, and, subsequently, to reconvert the 3-wagon trains into 5-wagon ones. This data represents the good reception and the growth of the system in the first 4 years.

The Panama Metro project will not only deal with trains and driving services planning; but it will also focus on the static segments tasks, such as information services within the station, trains washing, lost property, etc. simplifying the manual processes and ensuring a greater control of the operation.


Micaela Gomez