We share our professional experience where the key to the optimization of resources is found in the solutions we offer according to the client needs.

OCTOBER, 2020. Spain.

Goal Systems took centre stage in the exclusive webinar, held on October 28th: “Optimising rail resource management during uncertain times”. This webinar was organised by the International Railway Summit.

Counting on a wide audience, Goal Systems was able to discuss how to reduce the impact that transport companies are facing in these challenging times by using SW tools with major long distance and urban rail operators and other IT companies.

Eric Casillas, Goal Systems’ Sales Director for Europe, Canada and the United States, pointed out the importance of optimization, not only as a key solution, but also in adapting it to the different means of transport, volume and complexity of companies.

“We obtain different optimization results depending on the cultural background of the companies and the labour legislation of the country where they are located,” he said.

He firmly stated that the time of scheduling rail networks using pencil and paper was over and that the industry needed to adapt to digital solutions in order to optimise its resources by using cutting-edge technology tailored to its own resources and typology.

Considering the needs of the employees, allowing them to organise their own schedules, is also a key aspect for planners. “This type of solution can be perfectly implemented with no degradation in the quality and cost of the solution,” he explained. “In our experience, social satisfaction goes hand in hand with improved productivity”.

We can therefore state that, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, railway companies and operators are increasingly relying on new digital solutions to optimise their resources.

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