Our product and methodology innovation strategy have the participation of world-renowned experts such as Kearney and Innovation Strategies or Gartner, among others.

OCTOBER, 2020. Spain.

Applying our strategy of innovation and evolution of products and methodologies, focused on applying “best in class” practices and tools, we are continuing with the implementation of SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework Enterprise) to apply agile practices on an enterprise scale.

This strategic initiative intends to increase our Business Agility; being pioneers in our sector by implementing SAFe® has brought a competitive advantage to our organisation and customers by scaling agility from team to program and portfolio level. Companies and organisations such as Air France KLM, Cisco, Lego, Deutsche Bahn, Volvo, ING, HPE or US Army that already use SAFe® have managed to reduce Time to Market and increase the quality of their products by around 30% to 75%.

We seek to strengthen our customer focus, aligning the development of our products and solutions with the needs of our clients in response to the fast market changes. Another benefit is the creation of an ecosystem of innovation and ongoing improvement that consolidates the integration of the IT and business areas.

We always seek to keep our team updated and prepared to anticipate and meet any need of our customers. For this reason, we constantly arrange training plans at all levels of the organization, in this case with Leading SAFe® training, aimed at managers and executives to explore and understand the framework, and other courses oriented towards more specific roles: SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM), SAFe® DevOps Practitioner (SDP) and SAFe® for Teams (SP).

As part of our social responsibility in view of the situation we are living with the COVID, at Goal Systems we carry out training, PI Plannings and synchronisation meetings in online mode with collaborative platforms and digital tools supported by Estratecno, our Scaled Agile Gold Transformation Partner. The combined use of video conferencing with interactive applications connects people through their dashboards, as all the sessions of the different users are synchronised in real time. This online working capability with distributed teams is currently a key enabler to ensure continuity in delivering value to the client.

Following the creation of LACE (Lean Agile Center of Excellence), a multidisciplinary team of the new New Product, Strategy and Transformation areas that will guide the implementation of SAFe®, and the launch of the ART (Agile Release Train) for the development of new products, the first totally remote PI Planning of the train has been completed, a joint quarterly planning involving around 100 people.

We will continue to report on our advances in innovation, product evolution and methodologies which will allow us to keep our leadership in the sector and guarantee our clients that they will always have the most advanced response to their needs in the market.



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