Tras un largo proceso, LRMC ha adjudicado a Goal Systems el proyecto de implantación de las herramientas GoalRail®metro, GoalStaff® y el módulo DOMweb

LRMC has granted Goal Systems the
project to deploy GoalRail®metro and GoalStaff®.

FEBRUARY, 2019. Philippines.

Goal Systems has been granted the planning of the Manila Light Rail in the Philippines

Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) is the rail services company responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of Manila Light Rail 1 (known as LRT 1) with a length of 20.7 kilometers, and the projected extension of the Cavite line of 11.7 kilometers. A partnership of three major infrastructure companies that have been operating and maintaining Line 1 of the Manila Light Rail Transit System (Line 1) since September 2015. The partnership is formed by Metro Pacific Light Rail Corp, AC Infrastructure Holdings Corp and Macquarie Infrastructure Holdings (Philippines).

After a long process, LRMC has granted Goal Systems the project to deploy GoalRail®metro and GoalStaff® for the planning of their human and material resources, as well as daily operative replanning. They have a fleet of 176 drivers and 50 trains, the latter will increase with the extension of the line.
This is a major client within the urban rail transport sector of Southeast Asia, which will be key in the development of business on the other lines of the Manila metro, as in similar operations in other nearby countries.

This project has been endorsed by Ratp Dev who supports LRMC in consultancy work through its local office.

Micaela Gomez