Implementation of the products developed by GOAL SYSTEMS


Goal Systems is a leading software company in the development and implementation with advanced optimization techniques to achieve a profitable, sustainable and efficient resource management.

The main activity of Goal Systems is the implementation and the development of its own software products:

GoalBus®, GoalBus®LD, GoalDriver®, GoalRail®GoalRail®metro,  GoalPlane®, GoalStaff®

The professionalism and the transparency are the core values of Goal Systems, mainly when helping the client to implement our systems. The following picture shows the life cycle of a Goal Systems project, and the different departments participating in each state or phase of it.

The Goal is no other than to provide the clients with a complete planning solution, not only with software licenses, but covering all the way the life cycle of the client’s project, which is also our own.


To be able to provide the client with an integral solution, it is necessary a coordinated and harmonious involvement of all the Goal Systems’ departments in the project. The life cycle of a project requiring the implementation of some of our optimized management software always include the services of business consulting, optimization consulting, training and maintenance/support, aside from the participation of the quality, commercial, legal departments, as central services. Every project has designated resources of the specialization areas, performing one or multiple roles belonging to its own area:


Even though some roles demand product-specialization, other roles may be carried out in different projects without a problem, obtaining the following benefits:

— Homogeneity of the products

— Global view

— Workload balance

— Ease at incorporating new necessary resources


GOAL SYSTEMS carries out its developments following the MSF AGILE methodology, based upon teams that represent an aggregation of the various profiles involved in the software’s life cycle.