Since the dawn of time, one of humanity’s challenges has been to find the most appropriate way to get from point A to B. Every country has come up with its own solution. The most common means of transports are the train or the bus. However, along the length and breadth of the planet we can find some of the most unorthodox means of transportation.

Trains that levitate, suspension railways are only some examples of these interesting means of transport. Don’t forget that if you travel to some of these places you will be able to use of these unusual transports.

  1. Minimetrò – Perugia (Italy)

A mini version of the underground is what they use in the quaint Italian city of Perugia. Small, silver-coloured and very easy-to-use trains run through this adorable town. A quick and comfortable trip across the lovely Italian scenery.


  1. The Wuppertal Suspension Railway – Germany

The German city Schwebebahn holds one of the most striking examples of railway transportation. The Wuppertal is the only suspended urban train in Europe. Across its 13.3Km, travelers will be able to admire and visit the city from a very different point of view.

  1. Maglev train – Japan

The Japanese have, once more, broken the record in railway velocity. Engineers have developed the maglev trains (short for magnetic levitation) which use magnetic levitation to reduce friction. In this manner, the magnets create both lift and propulsion in order to reach very high speeds.

  1. Chiva Express – Peru

The Chiva Express is a bus that travels along railway lines. It is used to connect Quito, Peru´s capital, with Cotopaxi National Park. During the trip, passengers will be able to admire the amazing scenery.

  1. Jeepney – The Philippines

Jeepneys are the most popular means of transport in the Philippine’s and have become one of its main attractions.  They are van like buses renowned for their kitch decorations and crowded seating. At the end of the Second World War the locals started to use the Jeeps that the American soldiers left behind as their own means of transport.

  1. DUKW – Londres (Reino Unido)

The British revolutionised public transportation with the London Underground and the famous double deckers. But London still has a hidden treasure, the DUKW or commonly known as DUCK. These are buses decorated and shaped like a duck. As the Jeepneys, these were also left behind by the Americans after the Second World War. Nowadays, the DUCKS are used to take a tour through London’s most attractive sights.

These unusual means of transportation just come to demonstrate the amazing diversity the World holds. Nevertheless, it must not be forgotten, that over originality and design comes efficiency. This can be accomplished with a good optimization system which targets performance; economic and environmental sustainability. GoalSystems, as the industry’s’ leader, makes a point of providing its knowledge and experience through the most advanced software for the optimization of transport operations

Micaela Gomez

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