JUNE 2013 — Mexico City, MEXICO.METROBÚS System’s initiative is to maintain a steady improvement in the supply and the quality of service, reduction of greenhouse gases, reduction of operating costs and efficient fleet management; they have opted for GoalBus® for the programming and scheduling of timetables and services for all of their lines.

Metrobus is a transport system based on high technology and quality buses, offering a fast, secure, convenient and efficient urban mobility, it has 60 miles of corridors, 151 stations and carries 800,000 passengers daily. It features the first hybrid bus fleet in Latin America relying on energy and environmental efficiency. GOAL SYSTEMS has been chosen for the implementation of a scheduling system that meets the mobility needs of the population.

With the incorporation of GoalBus® product and the expert knowledge of the programming and scheduling department of Metrobus, optimized and regulated scheduling will be obtained in an automated manner, creating different scenarios per type of days, adjusting the changing supply and demand for time slots which will result in an improvement in the quality and service offered to passengers. Added to these benefits, are the reduced operating costs, reduced emissions, and simulation of new regulation scenarios and the optimal dimensioning and scheduling of new lines that will be incorporated into the system.

This process is part of a global incentive submitted by the government of Mexico City that aims at optimizing the service offered by the Transport and Public Passenger Transport System of the Federal District Metrobus using an Integrated Management System, based on edge technologies that allow optimal scheduling and adjusting service in case of incidents, as well as the location, control, communication and real-time information of each of the buses that make up the fleet, facilitating and improving the efficient management of the system.


From left to right: Raúl Ortega (GS Mexico), Hugo Molinero (INDRA technology manager), Angel Sanchez (INDRA integration manager) e Jorge Tous (GS Mexico) at MetroBús office