OCTOBER 2012 — Guadalajara, MEXICO. The Macrobús transportation authority has selected GOAL SYSTEMS to perform the optimal planning of its bus operation system. The project will consist of programming, configuring, launching and providing training for the GoalBus® tool for the comprehensive operations of the transportation system's feeder units and the units in its main artery. GOAL SYSTEMS will equip Macrobús with the latest technological tools for optimizing the adaptation of its services to the city's demand.

Macrobús, inspired by the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) model, provides a high quality service that is fast, safe and efficient.

Macrobús consists of a 16 km long main artery with 41 component units and 103 feeder units distributed in 15 routes. The system serves just over 127,000 passengers every day.

Macrobús was conceived as a multimodal system to complement the Urban Electric Train System (Sistema de Tren Eléctrico Urbano - SITEUR). Together, Macrobús and SITEUR represent the modern expanding mass transit offering for the greater Guadalajara area, with its population of over five million inhabitants .


Macrobús scheduled with GoalBus®, provides a high quality service that is fast, safe and efficient