FEBRUARY 2012 — Milan, ITALY. After evaluating various scheduling and operations systems, TRENORD, through the System Integrator NordCom, signed an agreement with GOAL SYSTEMS to use the GoalRail® tool in the planning, scheduling and control of its transport operations. NordCom is a joint venture between FNM and Telecom Italia and will have a decisive role in working on this project. Their business is in consulting, engineering and infrastructure technology services, and information and application integration systems.

The company TRENORD was founded May 3, 2011 by combining the experience, competence and structures of Trenitalia (Lombardy Regional Division) and LeNORD (FNM Group) – 50% shareholders each – for the purpose of rationalizing and optimizing Lombardy’s railway service. It operates 42 regional lines, 10 suburban lines and 3 lines dedicated to the Malpensa Express airport service. It also works in conjunction with Deutsche Bahn and Österreichische Bundesbahnen in managing EuroCity in Italian territory. With a fleet of 330 trains, TRENORD runs over 2,300 services each day, transporting more than 650,000 passengers in Lombardy. Lombardy’s railway network (1,900 km, not including high-speed lines) is one of the most frequently used in Europe. About 3.8 trillion passengers/km in total travel on it yearly, most of which coming together toward Milan.

The GoalRail® system allows, for example, for optimizing the resources necessary for tackling changes in large regions’ transport systems, for evaluating various options, various locations for infrastructures, different types of material, etc. All of the above is for the purpose of making the best possible decisions when facing new challenges in the market or when improving current operations, also including a powerful new dispatch module for controlling daily operations. Improving said operations allows for a savings in cost and improved service for passengers.

GOAL SYSTEMS continues to be the leader in Resource Planning and Optimization Software for railway companies, demonstrating once more that its solutions, specifically for this line of business, can be customized perfectly for the various companies distributed across five continents.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Trenord and Nordcom for choosing GOAL SYSTEMS to take on this new challenge.


"The system is very flexible; it is customized for our operations and affords us greater security in facing the challenges that await us in the near future.” Engineer Maurizio Brunelli, CEO NordCom.