Urban Bus Operators

Urban Bus Transit: Operating Companies


Solutions for the optimization of planning, scheduling and bus, driver and timetable management

At Goal Systems, aware of the needs of our clients; therefore, we offer software solutions for urban bus management that cover all the planning, scheduling and optimal management of bus and driver schedules. We know how the urban transport business is evolving, the governments bet for the massive transport, which presents new technological, operational and organizational challenges.

We know the limited availability in resources and the tiresome competition against other operating companies on service tenders. Because of this, we can guarantee that Goal Systems is the best alternative, for the great capability of its tools, which allow the maximum profitability, the service quality requirements, and for our extensive experience in the sector.

Our technology covers all the processes with the maximum optimization:


— Optimal generation of timetables, bus and driver services.
— Optimal assignation of drivers.
— Planning of refueling and other bus and driver tasks.
— Communication with GPS control systems, SAP…
— Incident management (daily), supporting the salary calculation.
— Scenario simulation.
— Reports and generation of KPIs.

A complete solution to cover all the fields

Thanks to all the solutions for urban and interurban buses that we offer with GoalBus® and GoalDriver® the planning and management of schedules and services is exceptionally complete, and the proof of it is its great success and expansion, for it is already in use in more than 90 companies around the world.

At Goal Systems, we have been working since 1992 to enhance and evolve in every field, to be able to develop solutions that offer the performance and the soundness that our clients require. From the phase of requirement collection, to the adaptation of the software to the client’s needs, we offer a continuous counsel throughout all the project phases and the product life cycle.

The characteristics and benefits that we provide are:

Flexibility and adaptability: The high parameter settings capability guarantees the exact definition of the business requirements and therefore the adaptation of the calculated solution.

Integration: We make it easy to integrate our tools with the corporate tools of the client: control, GPS, SAP, HR, garage…

Maximum optimization: The tool allows the management and the joint resolution of schedules, bus and driver services, a unique feature in the market. This way, the best results are obtained from the economic and operational point of view.

Support: The Goal Systems team is highly qualified and has total availability to respond to the questions and the possible incidents of the clients.

What we do for your business




 In order to obtain the best, most adapted solution to the client’s needs, the tool is able to model, with high accuracy, the priorities for the business, considering the client’s own rules. Its exquisite graphical capacity includes different quality indicators of the solutions obtained, and many customization possibilities.

Modules and functionalities

Module for optimal generation of timetables and bus services: it performs the scheduling by days type of the timetables and vehicles. Then, it can be solved with the joint generation of schedules and bus services.

Assignment, rostering and bidding module: automatic generation of working calendars in a period of time for the different employees of a company, as well as duties and shifts assignment. The bidding module also allows employees remote access through a website to choose their preferred lines of work. This module can part from optimal solutions generated with GoalDriver® (roster bid) or allow the employees to choose their runs and autonomously create their weekly lines of work suiting the company regulations (cafeteria bid).

Integration module: It is possible to achieve a complete integration with the operations aid systems (control and monitoring systems) and other corporate systems such as ERP, HR, garage, SAP… in order to obtain a higher operational functionality of the tool.

Module for the maintenance and management of the network: Define with great accuracy the transport network and the offer of the company, and the possibility to integrate it from other external databases.

Module for the optimal generation of driver services: it performs the scheduling by days type of the drivers. Then, it can be solved with the joint generation of schedules and bus services.

WEB module: Web access allowing the users to access all the functionalities of the tool.

Module for dispatch and control: daily management of the operations, it also allows to modify the planning, and to create or postpone services after an incident.

Reports and statistics generation module: It is possible to create custom reports, which cover the operational needs, aside from being able to integrate with the specific reports of each client.


Key advantages

GOAL SYSTEMS’ urban transit software is a world-class solution that guarantees a complete and ideal solution for your organization, with maximum levels of optimization.

Optimizes the services offered: fits services offered to existing demand, guaranteeing high service quality at the lowest possible cost.

Optimizes service quality: guarantees compliance with all service-quality objectives.

Optimizes use of the bus fleet: uses the minimum number of vehicles, schedules maintenance operations, and reduces the need to invest in new vehicles.

Optimizes the productivity of drivers and other staff: optimal sizing for the number of drivers and other staff members needed in terms of shift scheduling, allowing more services to be provided without extra hiring.

Optimizes services for passengers:ensures compliance with commercial timetables and responds quickly to changing conditions in terms of passenger demand.

Guarantees compliance with contractual agreements: Applies social costs during planning, distributes work shifts equally, and provides tools for negotiation.

Optimizes your company’s strategic decision-making: simulates new scenarios, new concessions, new contracts, etc., and obtains the most appropriate solution for your needs by taking all of your company’s parameters into account.