School and Personnel Transport

School and Personnel Transport: Operating Companies


Software solutions for school and personnel transport, route and planning optimization, schedule management and programming for vehicles and drivers

The operations planning in the school and personnel transportation has to consider a great deal of variables that reflect the constraints agreed with their clients. This is a complex sector in which a great number of routes must be handled to cover the maximum offer with the available resources. Goal Systems assures all these objectives for the lowest cost, guaranteeing the maximum service quality and the profitability demanded by the business.

Goal Systems offers world-class technology to cover the needs of your business. The main ones are:

— Calculation and cartographic management (Google Maps Premium) of all the network nodes (stops, clients, bases,  …) and of all the possible routes between those nodes.
— Actual trip times by time slot.
— Actual planning of buses taking into account its characteristics (age, climate,…), its maintenance cycle, its fuel load,…
— Actual planning of drivers respecting the different shifts, rests, breaks, …
— Incident management (daily).
— Scenario simulations (what-if situations)
— Reports and generation of KPIs.
— Integration with the corporate management systems (input and output).

A complete management software for school transport

GoalBus®LD and the Routes module are the tools oriented to the long distance transport of passengers, students and personnel, allowing an optimum planning of timetables, buses and driver services, as well as the best route assignation. Its presence in the most advanced passenger transport companies of the world confirms its excellent performance and robustness. Goal Systems has been successfully implementing these solutions for school and personnel buses since 1992, offering its clients a continuous assistance throughout all the phases of the project, from the collection of requirements, the business and optimization consulting services, the perfect adaptation of the software to the client expectations and the tech support through the whole life of the product.

Main characteristics and benefits of the software for the school transport

Maximum optimization: it allows to solve the routes, timetables, driver shifts and bus services using a single tool.

Flexibility and adaptability: As a very customizable tool, the exact definition of the business requirements is guaranteed and therefore the adaptation of the calculated solution.

Integration: All the corporate tools of the clients can be integrated with Goal Systems’ tools.

Usability:  Flexible editors with graphs allowing a visual analysis of the solutions, and integrated reports for the complete control of the results.

Support: a specialized team to respond the questions and incidents that may arise.

Your business and GOAL SYSTEMS




The tool has all kinds of constraints and costs controls, completely customizable, this allows to model with precision the business rules and priorities in order to obtain the solution that adapts best to the client’s needs.

Great graphic capacity, with multiple quality indicators of the solution, and many possibilities of customization.

Intuitive interface to define nodes, calculate routes, activate and deactivate routes, actual trip times, direction of the circulation,…

Modules and functionalities



Module for route calculation: allows to define the geographical spots and calculate the routes using digital cartography, as well as to manage, activate and deactivate the routes.

Module for optimal generation of timetables and bus services: definition of the network, the commercial offer and of many other available elements related to the planning of schedules and vehicles, in order to obtain an optimized cost.

Module for optimal assignation of drivers to bus services: weekly, biweekly or monthly planning of the drivers, their reliefs and rests, optimizing costs while respecting the needs and the labor obligations.

Module for scenario management: modeling of the business rules, applicable agreements, commercial offer, transport network and scenarios.

Reports and statistics generation module: Complete set of configurable reports covering all the operation needs, including the specific characteristics of each client.

Integration module: Includes the information exchange protocols with the corporate systems of the client.

Module for dispatch and control: module allowing to manage the daily operations manually, which has the necessary options to modify, create or cancel services when incidents arise.



Key advantages

The GOAL SYSTEMS solution for personnel transport is world-class software that guarantees a complete and well-adapted solution for your organization.

Optimize services offered and their quality: adjust the offer to demand, maximize sales, guarantee service at the lowest cost, and ensure compliance with the service quality objectives.

Optimize bus fleets: minimize dimensioning for vehicles, perform maintenance planning, reduce investment in new vehicles and non-productive usage.

Optimize the productivity of drivers and other personnel: optimally size the number of drivers required as well as other personnel working on shifts, allowing more services to be provided with the same resources.

Optimize the route: calculate all of the possible routes among the network nodes, and decide which set of trips will be performed by each bus. This can reduce the number of empty kilometers while taking all restrictions into account.

Guarantee compliance with agreements:apply benefit costs to planning, distribute work fairly, provide tools for negotiation.

Adjusts to the existing operating conditions: considers characteristics of the buses, logos, ages, capacities, etc., so that these can be adapted to the needs of the client.

Optimize your company’s strategic decisions: By simulating new scenarios, concessions, services, agreements, etc., you can obtain the solution most appropriate for your needs, while taking all of your company’s parameters into account.