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Railway Transit: Railway Freight Transport


Solutions for the Optimization of Driver, Rolling Fleet and Composition Planning

After new challenges arise in the rail freight transportation, Goal Systems comes with the best alternative, a solution oriented to the railway sector that solves all the possible challenges. With the expansion of the transport networks and the international connection of routes, among other scenarios, it is absolutely necessary to have the best qualified team and the best possible resources.

Goal Systemshas more than 20 years of experience in the sector, and more than 90 companies already trust us.

Our offer includes the best tools in the market to maintain the quality and obtain the maximum profitability and competitiveness. Goal Systemsoffers the sector a planning and control systems adapted with a world-class technology, which covers the needs of all its departments.

Goal Systemsoffers world-class technology covering the needs of all its departments:

Mapa de la red de transporte de mercancías en ferrocarril

— Optimal planning of rolling fleet.
— Optimal planning of drivers.
— Assignation of shifts to drivers.
— Integration with the CTC for the complete management.
— Follow-up and monitoring of the daily incidents.
— Extraction of operative data for the calculation of salaries.
— Extraction of operative data for the calculation of fares.
— Reports and generation of KPIs.
— Scenario simulation.

The GoalRail® Freight complete solution 

The software for freight transport management GoalRail® Freight is  completely oriented to rail freight transport companies; it allows the optimal planning of drivers, as well as rolling fleet and inspectors. Present in the sector since 1992, it is consolidated as the best tool to maintain the quality, the offer, the profitability and the competitiveness of Goal Systems service in every moment.

Main characteristics of the software:

Maximum optimization: it allows the resolution of train schedules and driver and inspector shifts using a single tool, optimizing them to obtain the best results from an economic and operations point of view.

Flexibility and adaptability: the high structural level assures the accurate definition of the business requirements.

Integration: integration of the corporate tools of the client (SAE, SAP, HR,…) with Goal Systems tools.

Usability: quick editors that allow visual analysis of the solutions, and integrated reports for the complete control of the results.

Support: Goal Systems has a highly qualified team to respond to all the questions of the clients and the incidents occurred.

GOAL  SYSTEMS and your business


GoalRail® Freight  tool has different and highly customizable costs and constraints, allowing to define with great exactitude the business rules and the preferences.

Modules and functionalities


Management module of resources, infrastructures and labor rules: allows to define with a high precision the transport network, stations, depots, bases… It is also possible to integrate it from other external databases.

Module for optimal generation of timetable grids, vehicle and driver scenarios: the costs are optimized according to the fixed limitations, adapting the solutions to the demand.

Module for optimal calculation of slots and loads: the distribution of the load is optimized to make the most of the transport capacity, while satisfying the security rules established for the coupling of containers.

Module for generation of reports and statistics: set of reports with a high number of parameters to customize them, covering all the operations requirements.

Integration module: all the information exchange protocols with other external and corporate protocols of the client, such as the GPS tracking systems or payrolls.

Module for dispatch and control: daily management of the operations, it also allows to modify the planning, and to create or postpone services after an incident.

Module of joint solution: solving individual scenarios, presented separately, jointly as a single problem.

WEB Module: to complete the functionality, the users can access through a web browser.

GOAL RAIL ofrece tecnología de clase mundial que cubre las necesidades de su negocio.


 Key advantages

GOAL SYSTEMS’ railway freight transport software is a world-class solution that guarantees a complete and ideal solution for your organization.

Optimizes services offered and their quality: fits services offered to demand, maximizes sales, guarantees services at the lowest costs, and guarantees compliance with your service-quality goals.

Optimizes use of equipment: minimizes train-use needs according to type, and reduces non-productive use of trains as well as the need to invest in new equipment.

Optimizes productivity for train operators and other on-board crews: optimal sizing of the number of operator shifts scheduled as well as shifts for other personnel, allowing more services to be provided by the same amount of human resources.

Optimizes use of cargo space: ensures the optimal use of transport capacity, with consideration of the characteristics of both the materials and the freight infrastructure. Also allows quick responses to both changes in shipping demand and incidents that may occur during daily operations.

Guarantees compliance with contractual agreements: Applies social costs during planning, distributes work shifts equally, and provides tools for negotiation.

Adjusts operations to current conditions:makes changes in terms of track use in stations, cleaning or maintenance of trains, etc., with solutions calculated based upon realistic scenarios.

Optimizes your company’s strategic decision-making: simulates new scenarios, new track sections or services, new contracts, etc., in order to obtain the most appropriate solution for your needs, while taking all of your company’s parameters into consideration.