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Passenger Airborne Transport: Airlines


Solutions for Optimized Scheduling of Flights, Aircraft, and Crews

Each day the airline industry is changing and becoming more complex. Factors such as increasing fuel prices, more restrictive security measures, more detailed labor contract regulations for crews, competition in an industry where lowest price determines sales figures, and the daily need to respond to new circumstances, combine to require the best professional team and the best tools in order to maintain quality standards at all times for the flight services offered.

Goal Systems offers world-class technology that addresses the needs of all of your company’s operations:

— Efficient assignation of the different types of aircrafts to the services (optimal tail assignment).
— Planning of maintenances and fueling of aircrafts.
— Sizing of aircrafts and crews by base.
— Optimum generation of pairings.
— Planning of crews (rostering and bidding).
— Communication with the Tracking and Management systems.
— Scenario simulation.
— Reports, statistics.
— Integration with the corporate management systems.

The complete solution

GoalPlane® is a software tool specifically designed for airlines. It allows optimized planning of timetables, aircraft usage, and crew shifts. The fact that Goal Systems’ optimization software is now used by more than 60 companies around the world attests to its excellent performance and reliability. Goal Systems has been successfully implementing use of these tools since 1992, and offers its customers continuing support during all phases of the project: placement of orders, consultation services for business practices and optimization, ongoing adaptation of the software to fit the customer’s needs and expectations, and outstanding follow-up support throughout the use-life of the product. An added value to the customer.

Characteristics and principal benefits:

Maximum optimization: It is the only tool on the market that allows simultaneous resolution of aircraft and crew schedules, including pairings. In this way, the ideal solutions are obtained at both the economic and operational level.

Flexibility and adaptability: The high level of customization guarantees the precise definition of the company’s requirements and therefore the appropriateness of the solutions calculated.

Integration: Interfaces with all of the company’s other computer systems, such as crew management, tracking and monitoring, and HR systems, etc.

Usability: Easy-to-use editing, with graphics that allow visual analysis of the solutions generated, and integrated reports for complete monitoring of day-to-day results.

Support: Highly qualified support team, with full-time availability to attend to questions, problems, or incidents of any kind.

Your business and GOAL SYSTEMS


The tool can take any type of restrictions or costs into consideration through its fully customizable system, which allows precise modeling based upon the company’s own rules and priorities, in order to ensure that solutions accurately adapt to all needs.

Advanced graphics capabilities, with multiple indicators of solution quality and a wide range of customization options.

Your company and GOAL SYSTEMS


Module for Management of Resources, Infrastructures and Labor regulations: allows a precise set of the airport/bases network, human resources, commercial schedule, aircraft fleet… It is also possible to integrate it from other external databases.

Module for optimum generation of commercial flight timetables: optimization of the commercial slots in accordance to new business markets.

Module of optimal tail assignment and maintenance scheduling: assignment of the weekly, biweekly, monthly scheduling… , optimizing the cost and adapting the solution to the service conditions.

Pairing module: module for the sequential building of flights in activity blocks, considering the aviation regulations and the quality standard of constraints and costs.

Bidding module: this module guarantees the crew requests, considering fair distribution and satisfaction of the crewmembers.

Module for comprehensive scheduling management and crew member assignment: it allows to perform short and mid-term crew scheduling considering all the special characteristics of each crew member, such as incompatibilities between crew members, possible fixed services, working day reductions, preferences or any other circumstance; aside from all the operative, legal and quality constraints and costs, to obtain the best solution.

Tracking module: daily management of the operations, allowing manual modification of the schedule, being able to create or suspend services in response to incidents.

Reports and statistics generation module: complete set of configurable reports, which cover all the operation needs, including each client’s specific needs.

Integration module: comprehends the information exchange protocols held with information systems of the client, flight tracking, management systems and others.

Web module: provides users with Internet-based access to the full functionality of the tools from any location.

Captura del software de gestión para aerolíneas GoalPlane®


Key advantages

GOAL SYSTEMS’ software for airline operations is a world-class solution that guarantees a complete and ideal solution for your organization.

Optimizes services offered and their quality: fit services offered to demand, maximizes sales, guarantees services at the lowest costs, and guarantees compliance with your service-quality goals.

Optimizes use of equipment: minimizes use of aircraft, schedule maintenance, and reduces non-productive use of aircraft as well as the need to invest in new planes.

Optimizes crew productivity: optimal sizing for technical and passenger cabin crews, allowing more services to be provided with the same amount of human resources.

Optimizes services offered to passengers: ensures compliance with commercial timetables and responds quickly to changes in passenger demand as well as to any service-related incidents.

Guarantees compliance with contractual agreements: applies social costs during planning, distributes work shifts equally, and provides tools for negotiation.

Adjusts operations to current conditions: considers use of various bases, creates safe travel times and maintenance schedules, etc., with solutions calculated based upon realistic scenarios.

Optimizes your company’s strategic decision-making: simulates new scenarios, new slots or services, new contracts, etc., to obtain the most appropriate solution for your needs, while taking all of your company’s parameters into consideration.