Metro, Light Rail, and Suburban Train Systems

Railway Transit: Metro, Light Rail, and Suburban Train Systems


Solutions for Optimized Planning, Scheduling, and Management of Timetables, Trains, and Operator Shifts

The increased reliance on the urban rail transport poses new challenges and great opportunities in the sector. The growth of the different types of rail transport (streetcars, subways, suburban trains, etc.) is not only present in major cities anymore, but also it starts to appear more frequently is smaller cities.

The increasing costs, the growing complexity of the networks, the integration with other networks, the labor requirements, the limitation of the available resources, and the demanding daily operations, compel us to have the best team and the best tools in order to keep the quality and the offer of our service in every moment. Goal Systems offers the professionals of the urban rail transport, planning and control systems adapted to the sector, to resolve the great daily challenges.

Goal Systems has the best technology adapted to this sector and its complexities, such as:


— Generation of schedule grids and track resolutions from: frequencies, fixed departures, number of departures, passenger demand, applying security an maneuver  times.
— Vehicle planning.
— Assignation of shifts for drivers, inspectors and other staff.
— Communication with your tracking and monitoring systems for a comprehensive management.
— Follow-up and monitoring of the daily incidents.
— Extraction of operative data for the calculation of salaries.
— Reports and generation of KPIs
— Scenario simulation.
— Integration with the corporate management systems.

A complete solution for the rail transport

GoalRail®metro tool is oriented to the rail companies with streetcar and suburban transport systems that make possible an optimal planning of hourly grids of human and material resources. Goal Systems’ solutions for subways, streetcars and suburban trains, count with over 23 years of background and are highly specialized in the sector, as more than 100 companies all over the world corroborate. The continuous support through all the phases of the project, along with the business and optimization consulting services make of this management software for subways, streetcars and suburban trains the best tool for the companies.

Main characteristics and benefits of  GoalRail®metro:

Maximum optimization: Thanks to this tool, the best solutions are obtained from the economic and the operation point of view; it is the only tool in the market capable of jointly solving hourly grids and assignations of trains and shifts of drivers and inspectors.

Flexibility and adaptability: the right adaptation of the calculated solution is assured thanks to the high level of configuration and the exact definition of the business requirements.

Integration: High integration of Goal Systems tools with the client’s corporate tools like tracking and monitoring systems, GPS, CTC, SAP, HR, etc.,

Usability: The interface allows a visual analysis of the solutions (including integrated and dynamic reports)it is highly functional and allows the maximum control and easy analysis of the results.

Support: A highly qualified team with total availability will respond to any questions about the tool and solve possible incidents.

Your business and GOAL SYSTEMS


The management program allows to define all kind of costs and constraints, highly customizable, which make easier to model the business rules and the priorities, aiming to obtain a solution adapted to the operational needs.

Modules and functionalities


Management module of Resources, Infrastructures and Labor rules: Allows to integrate the definition of the transport network, stations, depots, bases, stops, etc. from other databases.

Assignment, rostering and bidding modules: automatic generation of working calendars in a period of time for the different employees of a company, as well as duties and shifts assignment. The bidding module also allows employees remote access through a website to choose their preferred lines of work. This module can part from optimal solutions generated with GoalDriver® (roster bid) or allow the employees to choose their runs and autonomously create their weekly lines of work suiting the company regulations (cafeteria bid).

Reports and statistics generation module: in this module, complete custom reports are created, where it is possible to include the specific characteristics of each client.

Integration module: includes the information exchange protocols with the tracking systems, the management systems, payrolls, or other information systems.

Module for dispatch and control: the software makes possible the daily management of operations and the creation or cancellation of services due to incidents.

Module for joint solution: the driver services and the rolling fleet are solved in the same calculation.

WEB module: remote access to the complete functionality of the solutions from anywhere through a web browser.



Key advantages

GOAL SYSTEMS’ software for urban and suburban railway transit operations is a world-class solution that guarantees a complete and ideal solution for your organization.

Optimizes services offered and their quality: fits services offered to demand, maximizes sales, guarantees services at the lowest costs, and guarantees compliance with your service-quality goals.

Optimizes use of equipment: minimizes train-use needs according to type, and reduces non-productive use of trains as well as the need to invest in new equipment.

Optimizes productivity for train operators and other on-board crews: optimal sizing for number of driver shifts scheduled andshifts for other personnel, allowing more services to be provided with the same amount of human resources.

Optimizes services offered to passengers: ensures compliance with commercial timetables and responds quickly to changes in passenger demand as well as to any service-related incidents.

Guarantees compliance with contractual agreements: applies social costs during planning, distributes work shifts equally, and provides tools for negotiation.

Adjusts operations to current conditions: makes changes in terms of track use in stations, cleaning of trains, etc., with solutions calculated based upon realistic scenarios.

Optimizes your company’s strategic decision-making: simulates new scenarios, new track sections or services, new contracts, etc., to obtain the most appropriate solution for your needs, while taking all of your company’s parameters into consideration.