Long-Distance Passenger Rail Transport

Railway Transit: Long-Distance Passenger Rail Transport


Solutions for Optimized Planning, Scheduling, and Management of Timetables, Trains, and Operator Shifts

There is a great investment needed in rolling fleet and on-board staff to operate long distance passenger railway lines; plus, the demanding daily operations and the need of a perfect adjustment of the resources to a changing demand. All this require solutions for long distance trains that minimize the operation costs while keeping the service quality, as well as a team of experts in the railway business.

The Goal Systems technology covers the needs of all of your processes:


— Optimization of the rolling fleet planning.
— Optimization of the on-board staff planning.
— Assignation of schedules of work for drivers, inspectors and other groups.
— Replanning for unforeseen situations.
— Planning of the rolling fleet maintenance.
— Management of different types of rolling fleet.
— Integration with your tracking and monitoring systems for a comprehensive management.
— Follow-up and monitoring of the daily incidents.
— Extraction of operative data for the calculation of salaries.
— Reports and generation of KPIs.
— Scenario simulation.
— Total integration with the corporate management systems.

The management software of GOAL SYSTEMS

Thanks to  GoalRail®, the management will be a lot more thorough. The tool is fully oriented to the many railway companies for long distance passenger transport. Goal Systems has been developing its tools since 1992, more than 20 years of experience assure its excellent performance and endurance.
For a better service, Goal Systems supports the client continuously through the whole life of the product; the company is present in all its phases, from the collection of requirements, to the adaptation to the customer’s needs of the management software for long distance trains.

Main characteristics and benefits of the tool:

Maximum optimization: It is the only tool in the market capable of jointly solving the timetable grids, the assignation of trains, drivers and inspectors to obtain the best results from the economic and the operations point of view.

Flexibility and adaptability: Thanks to the high parameter settings capability, a perfect adaptation of the calculated solution is guaranteed.

Integration: with all the corporate tools of the client, tracking and monitoring systems, SAP, HR,…

Usability: Flexible editors with advanced graphs making it easier to analyze the solutions, and integrated reports for a better control of the results.

Support: specialized support team to respond to questions and incidents.

Your business and GOAL SYSTEMS


The tool has a wide variety of constraints and costs, completely customizable, which allow to model with precision the business rules and the priorities in order to obtain the solution which adapts best to the client’s needs.

It also has a great graphic capability, with multiple quality indicators of the solution and customization possibilities.

Modules and functionalities

Management module of Resources, Infrastructures and Labor rules: All the information created and obtained through this module may be integrated from other external databases. It allows the definition of the transport network (stations, depots, bases, etc.), of the labor and operation rules and of the operations and quality costs.

Module for optimal generation of timetable grids, vehicle and driver scenarios: Adjustment of the solutions to the service demand, it considers the frequencies, constraints, resources or schedules to obtain the best possible optimization of the costs.

Modules for rostering and assignation of vehicles and staff: It allows to accomplish the rostering of engines, drivers and inspectors of the calculated shifts, always fixed to the working conditions and the service conditions of the operations.

Module for dispatch and control: daily management of the operations, it also allows to modify the planning, and to create or postpone services after an incident.

Reports and statistics generation module: Generation of customized reports which complement and cover the operational needs.

Integration module: Integration of the tool with the computer programs of the client.

Module for joint solution: it solves independent scenarios and displays them as a group, as if it was a single problem.

WEB Module: Remote access for the users through a web browser to the solution management platform.



Key advantages

GOAL SYSTEMS’ long-distance passenger railway transport software is a world-class solution that guarantees a complete and ideal solution for your organization, with maximum levels of optimization.

Optimizes the services offered and the use of material resources: covers the needs of the transit plan while using the minimum number of trains, while also guaranteeing that quality goals are met, investment is reduced, and maintenance planning is effective.

Optimizes human resource productivity:planning for the exact number of train operators and crew needed, and scheduling for all other employees who work on shifts. This allows more services to be provided by the same number of employees while also ensuring their availability.

Optimizes services offered to passengers: ensures compliance with commercial timetables and provides quick responses to changes in passenger demand as well as to service-related incidents.

Guarantees compliance with contractual agreements: Applies social costs during planning, distributes work shifts equally, and provides tools for negotiation.

Adjusts to current operations conditions:makes changes in terms of track use in stations, cleaning and maintenance of trains, new contracts, labor negotiations, etc., with solutions calculated based upon realistic scenarios.

Optimizes your company’s strategic decision-making: simulates new scenarios, new track sections or services, new contracts, etc., to obtain the most appropriate solution for your needs, while taking all of your company’s parameters into account.