Long Distance Bus Transport

Long Distance Bus Transport: Operating Companies


Solutions for Optimized Planning, Scheduling, and Management of Timetables, Buses, and Driver Shifts. 

One of the most complex business in the transport sector is the long distance transport by road, be it passenger or freight transport. Goal Systems is without a doubt the best alternative in technological solutions for long distance buses compared against the competition, allowing to optimize the profitability of the trips offered, aside from being able to adjust the available resources, while at the same time fulfilling the regulations of driving schedules, the base rest and the suitable reinforcements. We work with the maximum guarantees of quality while satisfying the daily operative demands, like the punctuality towards the client.

The world-class Goal Systems technology covers the needs of every department:

   SECTORES_AUTOBUSES_LARGA_DISTANCIA— Efficient assignation of the different types of buses to the services.
— Assignation, relief and return to bases of the drivers.
— Planning of maintenance and fueling of buses.
— Communication with the SAE.
— Incident management (daily), supporting the salary calculation
— Scenario simulation.
— Reports and generation of KPIs.

Complete management software for long distance buses

GoalBus®LD and GoalDriver® are focused on the interurban transport, allowing an excellent planning of buses, drivers and other groups. For many years, our company has developed these solutions to optimize the long distance transport, complementing them with a continuous support accordingly to the performance and the solidity of all our tools.

Main advantages and benefits:

Maximum optimization: allows the joint resolution of schedules for buses and the shifts of the drivers using a single tool, optimizing them to obtain the best results from the economic and operations point of view.

Flexibility and adaptability: the high level of customization and parameter settings capability guarantees adaptability to the particular requirements of each client and, therefore, of the calculated solution.

Integration: it can be integrated with all the client’s corporate tools: SAE, SAP, Human Resources…

Usability: the software uses an advanced graph system, this system allows to perform visual analysis of the solutions and create integrated reports to obtain the maximum control of the results; It also has a quick editor, which allows the user to make manual changes.

Support: a highly qualified support team responds to all kind of questions and incidents, with total availability .

GOAL SYSTEMS and your business


The tool for long distance buses has a high level of parameter settings capability, allowing to optimally model the business rules and the priorities aiming to get the result which adapts best to the needs of the client.

Functionalities of the tool and its different modules


Module for optimal generation of driver and bus services: This module defines the network, the commercial offer and the bus types to plan the calendar, allowing to optimize the cost of the services, adapting the tool to the different service conditions, reducing, for instance, the empty trips, the extra hours, etc. This module is also capable to obtain the necessary sizing of the resources to cover a specific planning, optimizing as much as possible the number of resources and services created according to each client criteria.

Module for the optimal assignation of staff and vehicles to the bus services: it allows to schedule the timetables of drivers and buses weekly, biweekly, monthly… For the drivers, it plans the services that need to be completed, their reliefs, the rests… and for the vehicles, it plans the commercial services to be performed by the buses, its maintenances, etc., obtaining always, and in both cases, the best optimized result that complies with all the needs and labor demands.

Module for scenario management: modeling of the business rules, applicable agreements, commercial offer, transport network and scenarios.

Reports and statistics generation module: all the operations needs are covered thanks to the creation of highly customizable reports, which can include the specific needs of each client.

Integration module: includes the information exchange protocols with the corporate systems of the client, such as the tracking systems, management systems payrolls, etc.

Module for dispatch and control: daily management of the operations, it also allows to modify the planning, and to create or postpone services after an incident.

WEB Module: Remote access for the users through a web browser to the solution management platform.



Key advantages

GOAL SYSTEMS’ long-distance transport software is a world-class solution that guarantees complete and ideal solutions for your organization.

Optimizes services offered and their quality: fits the services offered to existing demand, maximizes sales, guarantees services at the lowest costs, and guarantees compliance with your service-quality goals.

Optimizes use of bus fleets: minimizes the use of vehicles, plans maintenance schedules, reduces investment in new vehicles, and reduces unproductive use of existing vehicles.

Optimizes driver and crew productivity: optimizes sizing for number of driver shifts and those for other personnel, allowing more services to be provided with the same amount of human resources dedicated.

Optimizes services offered to passengers: assures compliance with commercial timetables and provide quick responses to changes in passenger demand.

Guarantees compliance with contractual agreements: applies social costs during planning, distributes work shifts equally, and provides tools for negotiation.

Adjusts operations to current conditions:makes changes in terms of time zones, tolls, countries, rest stops, bus cleaning and refueling needs, etc., with solutions calculated based upon realistic scenarios.

Optimizes your company’s strategic decision-making: simulates new scenarios, new concessions, new contracts, etc., in order to obtain the most appropriate solution for your needs, by taking all of your company’s parameters into account.