Human Resources

Solutions for Optimal Planning, Scheduling, and Management of Human Resources


The future for large companies is becoming increasingly changing and competitive, especially for those having a structure of geographical and functional dispersion. The needs of staff-attend social requirements like the distribution of work, maintain the competitiveness and provide services under high quality criteria, the variety of profiles and the difficulty to achieve a cost saving force, make the companies choose the best solutions in the human resources planning.

With GoalStaff®it is possible to minimize the economic costs and guarantee the fulfillment of all services with the maximum quality, while improving the satisfaction of the employees and increasing the productivity.

Goal Systems world-class technology that covers all the processes with the maximum optimization:

GOAL SYSTEMS ofrece tecnología de clase mundial a través de su software de optimización de transportes

— Optimal generation of timetables and shifts.
— Optimal staff assignation according to its own category
— Transfers and category changes with immediate application
— Communication with control and presence systems, HR, SAP, ….
— (Daily) incident management, supporting the salary calculation
— Scenario simulation
— Reports and generation of KPIs

A complete solution for the HR planning

GoalStaff®, is oriented to the Human Resources area; it allows to plan the timetables and the services by shifts in an optimal way. The presence of Goal Systems in more than 90 first-class companies around the world is a proof of its excellent features and performance as well as its extensive experience in human resource planning. Goal Systems has been successfully implementing these tools since 1992, offering its clients a continuous support throughout all the phases of the project, from the collection of requirements, the business and optimization consulting services, the perfect adaptation of the software to the client expectations to the excellent support through the whole life of the product.

Main characteristics and benefits:

Maximum optimization: the only tool in the market that allows the joint resolution of planning and assignations; obtaining the best solutions at an economic and an operational level.

Flexibility and adaptability: the tool has a high level of parameter settings capability to guarantee the exact definition of the business requirements and its priorities.

Integration: a complete integration of the external tools with Goal Systems own tools.

Usability: flexible editors with graphs allowing a visual analysis of the solutions, and integrated reports for the complete control of the results.

Support: Goal Systems has a highly qualified team to answer to all questions and incidents of the clients.

Your business and GOAL SYSTEMS


With this tool, Goal Systems offers the clients, the possibility to model the business rules and its priorities with great accuracy, in order to obtain a solution adapted to its needs.

Modules and functionalities of the tool


Module for resources maintenance and management: the company has the option to define accurately the resources and services of the company’s offer.

Assignment, rostering and bidding module:  automatic generation of working calendars in a period of time for the different employees of a company, as well as duties and shifts assignment. The bidding module also allows employees remote access through a website to choose their preferred lines of work. This module can part from optimal solutions generated with GoalDriver® (roster bid) or allow the employees to choose their runs and autonomously create their weekly lines of work suiting the company regulations (cafeteria bid).

Module for optimum sizing of human resources for operations: it is integrated in the rostering and allows to perform automatic sizing simulations of the exploitation according to the service needed.

Module for dispatch and control: daily management of the operations, it also allows to modify the planning, and to create or postpone services after an incident.

Module for generation of reports and statistics: visual reports reflecting all the results obtained, in order to achieve a better functionality.

Integration module: possibility to complete the operative functionality adding a total integration with the control and tracking systems, as well as to other corporate systems like payroll control, HR, presence control, SAP…

WEB Module: remote access to the tools for the users from whichever location to perform the management and tracking of the company.


Key advantages

GOAL SYSTEMS’ human resources planning software is a world-class solution that guarantees a complete and ideal solution for your organization, with maximum optimization.

Optimizes the services offered: fits services offered to demand, guaranteeing high-quality service at the lowest cost.

Optimizes service quality: guarantees compliance with service-quality objectives.

Optimizes workplace productivity for all types of employees: optimal sizing for all shift-based human resource planning, allowing more services to be provided with the same number of workers.

Optimizes customer service: ensures compliance with commercial service objectives and responds quickly to changes in demand.

Guarantees compliance with contractual agreements: Applies social costs during planning, distributes work shifts equally, and provides tools for negotiation.

Optimizes your company’s strategic decision-making: simulates new scenarios, new services, new contracts, etc., in order to obtain the most appropriate solution for your needs, while taking all of your company’s parameters into consideration.